A downloadable game for Windows

Our submission for Ludum Dare 36 is a Choose Your Own Adventure game with multiple endings for you to discover!

It's our first attempt at a satirical old school RPG. The aesthetic is clean and simple. We hope you like the art style and the humour.



ld36-lightbringer- 12 MB


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Hi, this is TheLoneArmada. I replied to the message you sent to me a little while back asking you some things and you didn't reply. I think that might be because you weren't checking. I'm posting this message because I think you would be checking these comments

Here's the video I recorded of the game. I feel like there might have been another ending that I wasn't aware of.

I downloaded this game to record on youtube. I never saw any gameplay, I just thought this looked pretty dope. I was right! I really liked this game. Great job making this :)